Construction details of our pieces

Attention to small details is our point of differentiation. Our furniture uses quality construction such as dovetail joints for our drawer boxes, metal pegs for the adjustable shelves and European hinges to ensure that they will stand the test of time. All of our solid wood furniture, is made on the West Coast of Canada.

Here are some of the details which sets our furniture apart: dovetail jointed and full extension glides on a solid poplar adjustable drawer


 - Lines are built from Poplar, Maple or Rift Cut White Oak depending on design
 - No veneers or MDF are used
 - All drawer boxes, drawer fronts, top plates and vertical supports use Solid Wood


 - First we apply a stain which we then hand wipe, to ensure even absorption
 - Next a sealant is applied to seal the pores and give a smooth, even surface for the next coat
 - This is followed by a clear lacquer for added durability.
   Our Stains


 - To ensure that the beauty of the wood is always highlighted, we use biscuits and pocket screws to minimize distraction from the grain

Drawer boxes

 - Depending on the design line, either full extension or soft close glides are utilised
 - Drawer boxes are dovetail jointed for superior strength
 - All drawer boxes and drawer fronts are built from solid wood


 - All shelves are solid wood
 - Except where fixed for cabinet rigidity, all shelves are adjustable
 - Vancouver Series shelves are routered underside to conceal shelf mount pegs

Finished backs

 - The Vancouver series, including the Queue bookcases are built with a fully finished back enabling them to free stand in a room

Top plates

 - All of our pieces have a thick solid wood top. Additionaly a number of our pieces have a handplaned finish to enhance the texture of the wood